JP 2017 Update - Day 1

Hello All!

I love you all and here comes some info about JP and about my training week in Winchester!  

My official dates of service are June 19th-July 30th.  Joy that means I will, unfortunately, miss your birthday... :(  

The whole calling issue with clients calling my phone.  On my business cards is an extension from the JP business phone, that extension is the directed to my actual phone number.  Meaning, no client has my actual phone number.  I also will be receiving my business cards and a credit card later on tonight.  

We got a rundown on what our plan for the week was going to be.  Tonight, we are going over basics and how to do paperwork.  Tuesday and Wednesday, we are shadowing Todd at client's houses so he can show us what to do.  Thursday and Friday, I will be visiting clients on my own and meeting up with Todd and David for dinner.  Our day is going to run from approximately 9 am to 9 pm, meaning I have a full day of work!  

The Executive Director is Todd Freneaux.  The other intern is David Kleppinger.  So far I am really excited to be working with the both of them!!

All of your love, prayers, and support is felt and greatly appreciated!  God's angels are watching over me.  Thank you!!  I will send y'all more info when I get it.  


Morgan Combs