JP 2017 Update - Day 2

Hello All!

Today was my first real day of work with clients.  Todd, David K., and I went to 4 clients houses; three in a trailer park and one out in the boonies!  

Our first client was Mr. Russel S.  He was an elderly man with severe back problems and his back deck was decaying, had poor foundations, and was over-all just falling apart.  He also needed us to repaint his house and make another set of stairs for him.  Todd, David K., and I spent a good 45 minutes here just seeing what we are looking at.  When I say this deck was falling apart, I mean it was in terrible condition.  All the boards were rotten and decomposing, it was definitely something that needed to be repaired because it was a safety issue.  He was very kind and appreciative of us painting his shed last year.  

Our second client was a man who lived across the street from Mr. Russel, and his name was Mr.  Eugene.  We have worked with Mr.  Eugene in the past and actually constructed his deck.  He needed some staining work done on his front porch and to have us fix a beam on his back porch.  He was a very kind and sweet, but talkative man whom loved to talk to us about past crews who have helped him.  

Our next client was Mr. Richard and his wife Alice.  They also lived in a trailer, but they made their trailer look like a lovely home.  They had plastic "stone" siding on the bottom part, the plastic wood that lasts longer on their steps and decking, a beautiful little deck with chairs, a glider for two, and a rocking chair.  Such a cute and quaint little house with a white and green color scheme.  They lived right on the edge of a pond and had to be one of the sweetest couples I have met.  Mr. Richard has had an array of health problems through out his life, (cancer, broken ankle that was set crooked, back problems...) and he already had low-rise steps, but was asking us for a wheelchair ramp.  This project would be more difficult because of the distance from his deck to his driveway.  Because it is a wheelchair ramp, it means we have to get a building permit.  For every inch off the ground, there must be a foot of distance from the deck.  So if his deck was 12 inches off the ground, he would need a 12 foot ramp.  His request would be a difficult and long project, perhaps lasting the entire duration of Jeremiah Project.  However, his need is not immediate, so we are unsure if we will take this project on...

Our last project for the day was with a man, Mr. Robert.  We have been working with him for the last 5 years.  His wife's name was Jean and she died 4 years ago.  Todd told us one of the first things he would mention would be Jean, she was beautiful!  He had pictures of his wife, family, and grandaughter all throughout his house; but he was especially proud to show us a picture he found in her nightstand table.  He shown with pride and love when he presented us a picture of his wife when she was about 20 and she was out with her friend and the sister of the Swedish captain who proposed to her.  Now the Swedish captain proposed and then took it back because Jean was 3 years older than him.  Mr. Robert turned 90 a few months back and plain as day told us that he didn't have a problem that his wife was 11 years older than him.  As he walked us through his 5 acres of property he told us about gardening beds that his wife and him used to plant and weed together, about their big aspirations for the algefied pool in their backyard, how they danced in their house and made dinner together, and various other sweet tales of their lives and aspirations.  Almost every time he mentioned her name, Mr. Hess would choke up and shed a tear.  He misses his wife very much.  Mr. Robert needs basic yard work done, mowing, weeding, some decking boards redone, and some trim on his shed painted.

Todd, David K., and I are going to Outback for dinner then jumping into the paperwork and planning our day tomorrow.  I get to perform some calls tonight to see who we can screen!  I also got to pass out my business cards today!!  Morgan Combs has a business card and is very official and cool.  

Basically, today, I got to see what I am going to be doing this summer.  I cannot express how excited and in my element I felt.  I feel I was made for this.  I can connect with the home owners and serve them to the best of my ability.  I can help improve their lives and help them.  For some of our clients that I am visiting, they don't get regular social interaction.  For Mr. Robert, our students coming for a week in July is the most social interaction he will most likely get this year.  I get to spread my Morgan Sparkles with all of our clients.  I am in my game and in my element.  God made me for this; for meeting people where they are, showing them God's love and helping them where I can.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all.


Morgan Combs