JP 2017 Update - Day 3

Hello All!

Today David K. and I were working together to plan our day for tomorrow.  David and I will be going to sites tomorrow on our own.   I am a little wary of this considering he seems to not know when to stop and listen and when to speak.  I am also fearful he will lead clients to believe that we can complete a project when it may be out of our range.  I am hoping to convey that I am lead, I mean I carry the clipboard and take notes.  We shall see though.  Right now we have a 9:30 am, 11 am, and a 1 pm. David K. and I have to line up one more for tomorrow afternoon then we can call it a day.  

Friday, I am going to be working on my own in Front Royal.  We have a number of projects in that area and Todd suggested that would be a good place to start.  On the bright side, I am scheduling my day on Friday, so when ever I finish seeing clients is when I can leave for home.  I am hoping to be out of here around 2-3.  I figure I can get home around 4-6pm at the latest.  

We have one more client to visit tonight then we are calling it a day and working on paperwork and relaxing.  

I got a lovely surprise from my David today!  He drove out to my hotel while I was out on a client call and left me a little care package with a notebook, pens, a letter, some office supplies, some Reese's and scoops and guac.  Why he brought me the guac is beyond me!  But it was a lovely surprise to receive!  All of your responses to my emails and positive affirmations are so wonderful to receive.  I am so encouraged and supported.  

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all.


Morgan Combs