JP 2017 Update - Day 7

Hello everyone!

Today has been a great day! I am so grateful for this opportunity. I had my first official day of my internship and I loved every second of it. I can't believe this is where God has led me!

I had 4 clients.  One thing that I really enjoyed about past missions is connecting with the people we are helping.  Todd said our visits should be about 45 minutes - 1 Hour.  I scheduled my day accordingly so I had about an hour and a half to two hours between clients.  In May, none of my clients really wanted to chat or anything.  So one of my fears today was I wouldn't actually get a chance to talk to any of the clients; I would only be looking at the project then leaving.  My first client went exactly like that.  We talked a bit about her flower beds.  She had some HUGE hostas and a couple little snapdragons that were struggling to make their way among the weeds.  I talked to her about her gardening while I was making measurements, but that was it.  I finished taking measurements and she was chomping at the bit for me to leave.  Which is what I was kinda fearing.  I was starting to think maybe I just wasn't doing a good job listening or making her feel like I wanted to talk.  I finished with the first client at 9:45 and my next client was at 11...

So I went to an Arby's, got a curly fry and sat down with my Basic Christianity book and did a little bible study for a little over an hour.  As I was eating my fries, the conversations around me were a riot!  Of course, it's all more mature adults, they all were talking to each other like they were best friends even if they didn't know the other.  One woman brought up the topic of how much she liked Arby's more than she did McDonald's, her argument was Arby's gave you more then McDonald's did.  Everyone in the restaurant agreed that Arby's was the best.  My little snack was quite entertaining, to say the least.

At 11, I headed over to my next client's house.  A little girl opened the inside door and started walking away, so I opened the glass door and started to step inside and she said, "No wait, go around to the back and I'll unlock the gate for you."  I got a little weirded out that this girl who was no older than 11 was telling me to come in the back door to their house.  I go in through the back gate and I follow the girl to the back deck and kitchen.  A woman came to the door, she clearly had difficulty walking so I asked if I could come inside.  I sat at their kitchen table and talked for an hour with Jasmine who was 9 and Darnice.  She told me about her health problems (she's had many problems with her back, hips, shoulders, etc.), how organic food is a scam, her family, online catfishes and creepers, and everything in between.  Her sister was actually my first client!  I left her house around 12:15 when I finished up my measurements and she started smoking.  I left knowing it wasn't just me who was turning people away from talking, some people just didn't want to talk to me and share their story.

My next client was at 1 so I rushed back to Winchester and made it with 5 minutes to spare.  This woman was a former client and we had done stairs for her a couple years prior.  She shared with me her health issues also and we then got on the topic of her family.  Her husband died June 2nd, her brother died June 9th, her anniversary was June 12th, and she is having surgery in the next week.  As she was telling me all of this, I started tearing up.  Her husband Jeff had a sort of diabetic foot except she believed it was from alcohol because Jeff didn't have diabetes.  So he was constantly bumping into things and falling.  He went out to the store a mile away and he fell while he was in the parking lot.  Some passersby helped him get into the car.  When Jeff got home, he was covered in blood and bruises.  Kim cleaned up the best she could.  While Jeff was putting away what he got at the store, he fell again by the refrigerator.  Kim called her neighbor over to help pick her husband up and get him settled.  The neighbor sat with Jeff on the porch for about an hour then helped Jeff get to bed.  Kim made sure he was all tucked in and went into the living room to watch some TV before she joined her husband in bed.  Then next thing she knew it was morning and she called her husband to get ready for breakfast.  When Kim walked into the bedroom, Jeff was lying on the floor beside the bed.  She tried to wake him up, but couldn't.  So she called a different neighbor over to help pick him up and get him in bed.  The neighbor told Kim to call 911 and while Kim was working on that, she'd try to get Jeff into bed.  The neighbor came out of the bedroom and just told Kim to wait until the medics got there...  Jeff had died while he was sleeping.  The autopsy said he died from blunt force trauma to the head...  She was telling me this story then told me more of how her month had been going since June started.  Every event that happened, I kept saying, "I would be a mess if this happened to me."  My husband had just died, my brother died, and I am sick and need surgery.  Yet she was strong during the entire conversation.  I teared up with sorrow and I couldn't imagine what it is like to be in those shoes.

Ruth, pictured front & center.

Ruth, pictured front & center.

I finished up with Kim around 2 pm and figured it was time for some lunch.  I didn't want fast food or something greasy so I went to the really good Chinese place that Todd, Coworker David, and I went to in May.  Needless to say, it was still very good!  I spent about an hour there, eating and working on my book some more.  My last client was at 3.  I was a woman named Joy.  She didn't have a whole lot of projects for us to do.  Mainly finishing up some painting projects that her grandkids started and didn't finish.  She did have a really sweet lab named Ruth.  I played ball with Ruth the entire time I was taking measurements.  Or rather tried to take measurements.  I have NEVER heard a dog pant louder than this dog!!  Not going to lie, playing ball with Ruth was a great way to end my client calls today and definitely a highlight of my day.

I am extremely grateful for all of you who are praying for me.  I was nervous going in yesterday and getting settled in, but I know this is where God has placed me and I am so thankful to have Him guiding my path.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all.


Morgan Combs