JP 2017 Update - Day 11

Hey y'all!

I will say, the staff does not sleep.  I tried going to bed at 12, promptly after that, all the staff came in and were talking.  12:30, they all left for some reason and I took that opportunity to turn out the lights.  They came back in 15 minutes later and they turned on their flashlights so there were spotlights everywhere...  Needless to say, I didn't get to bed until 1 am and then woke up at 7.  Not a terrible night's sleep, but not amazing either.  Woke up, got ready for the day, and had breakfast with Coworker David and the other staff, then Coworker David and I set off to finish directions for the work sites for Richmond.  Todd lives in Williamsburg so he just is going to commute the hour back and forth to try and spend some time with his family each night while he is in Richmond.  Todd isn't coming in until 10:30, and we have done a majority of our work Todd set up for us.  The other thing we could be doing is setting up our folders, but the printers are crazy noisy and the staff is having a meeting in the room where the printers are so we can't really print.  So I am sitting in the hall working on work order forms while Coworker David tries to talk to me.  He is equally bored and he doesn't have enough clients for his campers in Romney yet, so he'll have to go back and work on those.  Todd was pretty content with where I was and the work I was doing.  The only thing I have to do, which is kinda a big job, is to go back through my clients and if they need painting done, they have to choose the paint.  We don't want to choose the wrong color and have the client be upset with it.  So we have to have the client go out to a Lowe's and choose their colors.  They don't have to buy it, just get us the color sample and we're good.

I am having a full day of paperwork, Costco visits, lunch, paperwork, and guess what?  More paperwork!  Oh, the joys of staring at a screen for hours...  I already took my migraine pill today as a preemptive measure because I am going to be very close with my laptop in the next 6 weeks.  Henrietta Patricia (The nickname for my HP laptop) will have to be working hard alongside me.

I will say I rediscovered the beauty that is the little Hershey's bars and the travel Smucker's peanut butter!  I forgot how yummy those are!  We are having Chipotle for dinner and then I'll be learning some more about MediaShout, our media program, and surprise, surprise, more paperwork.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all!


Morgan Combs