JP 2017 Update - Day 12


Quote of the Day:

If you don’t do an affirmation bag, how will you know anyone loves you?
— Laura, a JP Staffer, to me because I hadn't done an affirmation bag yet.

Campers came today!  Richmond only has one week.  This is the week we do urban ministry, working at soup kitchens, visiting the elderly, and one special project called Celebration Church.  Celebration church is a church that bought out a mall and has turned it into a ministry.  The different store fronts are different parts of the church.  One is a gym, a thrift store, a farmer's market; sort of like a church YMCA.

All the campers came in and everything went well!  One church got lost and came about an hour and half late, in all fairness, they were coming from North Carolina.  Other than that time set back, everything went smoothly!

One of the adult leaders, Paul is currently in a cancer hospital.  He took a week out so he could come on JP this week.  Paul has a background of navy and police, so high security back ground.  He was concerned about the child protection policies at the work sites and what their protocol was.  But other than that, he was wonderful!  He made sure to tell us that he was going to bring all of his kids home then shared with us about how his son died and made sure that where ever he was, he would not lose another child whether biologically his or not.  He is very serious and wanted us to understand what he was saying and I admire that in him.

Everything went smoothly and it was a great night!  I sat in on part of a staff meeting.  The first part of staff meetings, they do 'Staff-irmations,' which was really cool!  I didn't stay for the entire staff meeting because I had some paperwork I needed to finish, but I stayed for a bit.

Most of the day, I was working on paperwork.  I would have little conversations with staffers here and there, but other than that, I was glued to my laptop.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all!


Morgan Combs