JP 2017 Update - Day 13


The official first day of camp is in full swing!  Campers met up with their groups and set out for their work sites.  Definitely one of my favorite parts of this job is that I design my schedule.  If I want to wake up at 9, I can wake up at 9 (which isn't really possible because our room is the brightest room in the world in the morning).  If I don't want to work with kids, I don't have to work with kids.  I get to minister to the staff.  A lot of times, there are things they forget or need to do or whatever, and I can be there to help pick up the slack which I love.  I'm watching what the other staffers do and if I do JP again next year, I would definitely do intern again.  I just love the flexibility I get, I also can work the entire summer versus only one week.

By the end of today, I am completely in love with my position. At the beginning of this camp, I was really trying hard to go back to Winchester on Thursday. Now I have a legit reason to go back on a Thursday and I don't want to. I found my groove and I love it. Today was an awesome day and I am so thankful for the ways God is revealing himself to me. I get to minister to the staff and watch out for them and fill holes that needed filling. If it needs to be done, I am the girl for it.  I went and picked up staff snacks today, let me tell you, you give a bunch of tired staff some snacks and they turn into old women at a book club! Gabbing on and it was hilarious! During 'Staff-irmations,' the staff we so talkative and everyone was complimenting everyone-else; it was great! I connected with all of the staff and some of the kids and adults. I couldn't have had a more jam-packed, fun day.

One of the clips we used today was from the lion king where Simba is wondering why is dad left him and then his dad appears in the clouds and it's this huge moment. Well, Rafiki was the baboon. Our camp director Rich knew ALL of Rafiki's lines by heart and even did the little hand motions with the words!! It was by far one of the highlights of my night. We also did the song You are Holy (Prince of Peace). ONE OF THE BEST PRAISE SONGS EVER!!! 78 people, staff, leaders, campers, everyone was singing this song and clapping and moving on, it was great!

Unfortunately, my week at the Richmond camp is coming to a close tomorrow and I won't be able to help close out this week. I am VERY grateful for the wonderful love and friendship I have been given while at JP Richmond. Praise God for friendship!!

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! I love you all!


Morgan Combs