JP 2017 Update - Day 16


My time in Richmond was amazing.  At the beginning of my time there on Friday, I met all of the staff and didn't think I would get close to any of them.  In fact, the first night I was actually kind annoyed they went to bed so late!  Yesterday morning my time with them came to a close and I am now back in Winchester doing client calls.  I still think that Thursdays will be the most difficult day I have.

I made so many friends with the Richmond staff.  Mentors and leaders whom I really learned and looked up to!  I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with them and the friends and best friends I made while I was there!

Working with the Richmond staff this week really made me think about why I am doing this.  I am doing this to work for the Lord.  He is using me to spread His love to everyone and I am so thankful for His influence in my life.  Jesus is watching over me and leading me with every step.  I just get to close my eyes and have His love and guidance wash over me.

I make it sound like it was a terrible thing to leave my friends and new family and go back home to my immediate family.  But I had to leave them and go home.  I left (and now I am starting to tear up) people whom I have only known for really 3 days, but they became my family.  My family who would dance with me at 12:30 at night, who would ask me to pick up 100lbs of ice, who gave me guidance in my future, who God used to help me learn where my Father wants me.  All in the 3 days that I really only started getting to know these people!  As I was driving away from St. Mark's, the church we were staying at in Richmond, I realized, I am this is the season I am in.  The season of goodbyes.  I am saying "goodbye" to old habits, thoughts, ideas, pieces of Morgan I thought would stay.  I am leaving a church that has loved me so thoroughly through everything of the last almost 4 years.  I am saying goodbye to the thought of going every Sunday to see my family at Grace.  I am starting new and fresh.  God renews and refreshes us in that way.  I going to be baptized and become a member of King's Cross in August and starting to see a new family and God will use them in the same way.  My season of goodbyes and hellos is just beginning.

I will miss seeing Rich and Meghan's smiling faces every morning when I come down for breakfast.  I will miss Susan's kindness and love, and her awesome overalls!!  I will miss Melanie, Linda, and Kayla's joy in serving our campers their breakfast.  I will miss Jordan and her weird little looks she gives me.  I will miss Brittney and the look in her eyes when she acts like a goofball and I match or exceed it.  I will miss Laura and the moments when I got to help her with decide which pictures were good for the slideshow.  I will miss Alex and Connor's willingness to help with anything and everything possible.  I will miss Steve and his grandfatherly talks.  I will miss Dwayne asking me if I can help him with something and me giving him a snarky response like, "Well I don't have a million dollars, so I can't help you out with that loan if that's your question."   I will miss seeing Shirley and her wonderful smile that just gives you such a confidence boost!  I will miss all of my friends at Richmond (and someone better read this paragraph during 'staff-irmations' tonight, I'm looking at you Meghan!), but I know God put them in my life this week for a reason.  I am so excited I got to minister to them the last few days.  I miss them dearly and cannot wait to see them again throughout the summer.

All of those things, I miss.  All of those things made me realize that I miss my other family, but the Lord gives me family to help lead me in whatever direction I am going, whether that be my mom and sisters, my boyfriend, my best friend, my pastor, or some kind woman at a mission site.

I was actually kinda proud that I have a pretty good chunk of work projects right now for the up coming weeks.  Well I just put together my first official Work Site Plan to give to the tool coordinator.  I legit have 4 projects left!!  I went from about 25-30 to 4!  SOOO I have to get some more projects to work on.  I have some projects that are farther away, more Front Royal and WV projects.  I'm hoping the next couple days I'll be able to get some more client calls done.

Overall, I am so joyful in my work right now.  I miss EVERYONE, but I am joyful in the work the Lord is giving me right now.

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers!  I love you all!!


Morgan Combs