JP 2018 Update - Day 1

Hi All,

Another year of Jeremiah Project is off and running!  I am so grateful to be coming back to such a wonderful mission.  JP was a defining factor in my life, in many ways, and my summer last year was unforgettable!  For those of you who said I wouldn't come back, I'm back and better than ever!!

Okie, that was a little much…  I am back and I refuse to let my past mistakes define my summer this year.  I learned a lot being the Summer Project Coordinator last year and now I can take use it to make my service even more effective this year.  Todd Freneaux is the executive director and my Summer Project Coordinator counterpart this year is Josh Spiegelblatt.  Based on feedback last year, Todd decided to revamp a few aspects, one being we are not interns this year!  It is a small change, but I think it will help the staffers respect us more.  SPCs aren't just gophers for the camp, we actually have a job to do.  A pretty significant job, but we also have to be observational and help when needed.  We are going to have more integrated time with the staffers each week.

Tuesday we will have client calls in Winchester/Front Royal with the three of us.  Wednesday Josh and I will be running calls together.  Thursday and Friday will be us doing client calls in Romney.

I am already itching to start helping our clients this summer!  I love Home Instead, but I was getting a little bored of personal work.  I welcome the change of pace to manage an array of clients instead of the 3-4 I would typically do each week.  I have been planning and preparing for this summer since the day JP 2017 ended.  Now, I get to actually use all of the things I have been working on and prepping.

If you could pray this week that God would give me patience and energy.  Because I have been planning for a year, I am overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation.  Help God pace me.  I also haven't been sleeping the best because of other events in my life.  I know Abba will provide for my every need.  He is never in our time, but always ON time.  I take confidence in this.

I look forward to updating you!


Morgan Combs