JP 2018 Update - Day 6

Good Morning Friends!

After a chaotic day at church, running last minute errands, the rest of my evening was spent having dinner with my host family celebrating Lauren's birthday, Father's Day, and then babysitting, I am finally at the hotel!  Lauren and Josh were going to the U2 concert yesterday so David and I were watching kiddos.  While David worked on my website, I put the Suz and Jason to bed.  Jason went down easily as usual, but Suz posed a fight.  She and I had finally really been clicking lately, so when she started crying because she wouldn't see me for almost two months, it broke my heart...  For the next 4 hours, I would calm her down so she could try and sleep, and she would work herself all over again.  This definitely made me want to leave even less...  She is such strong and curious lady and I guess I didn't realize she loved me that much...

Nevertheless, I got all packed, left home at 10:45pm, got to the hotel at 11:45, and after wrestling with a difficult luggage cart, I promptly crashed into my bed in exhaustion. 


A breakfast of Mexican rice, writing, and catching up with Josh.  Today, I have 4 clients mainly in the Acadia trailer park in Winchester.  I'll be sending out my list of mailing addresses this summer via email later on today hopefully.  

I'm so excited to see exactly what God has in store for me this summer!  One of my favorite parts of being the Jeremiah Project Coordinator is that I get to wake up and know I am doing exactly what God has called me to do.

On a different note, my blog, Barbs & Barbules is up and running! You can find updates on JP, pieces I’ve written on a variety of topics, and other odds and ends  David and I have been working really hard on getting it ready for posts.  You can also follow my Instagram @barbsnbarbules or email me at to get in contact with me or for updates on new posts! 

Please pray for me health wise.  My doctor decided to adjust my thyroid medicine, so hopefully that will help with some of the issues I’ve been having.   Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers.  They are felt!


Morgan Combs