JP 2017 Update - Day 8

Hey y'all!

Firts, I have decided I am going to share a quote from my day:  

I may be old, but I can still party!
— An Older Cleaning Lady (Probably Late 60's Early 70's)

Now onto the rest of the letter: Wednesdays are my day off, so David came down to spend the day with me!  I got a knock at my door at 9 and we grab some breakfast.  He had to work on a paper for his English class and I wanted to do some client calls.  So I set up my calls and he got to work on his paper.

My first client today was Mr. Jack.  He was a very kind gentleman and he had a very cute little trailer with his wife Joy.  They needed some painting on their back stairs done. They told me about their granddaughter who was trying out for cheerleading at her high school and shared some more about her.  Joy and Jack were a kind couple and I am excited to get some students out there to help them!

I then went to a man's house who wasn't there.  His name was William.  William was on dialysis and was at his treatment, but told me I should come by and take pictures anyways.  When I came to his house, everything was painted; it was like I walked into a Wonka World or something!  He needed his porch and ramp painted.  It was a very large porch and ramp, it may be a 2-day job even.  I wrapped up there by taking some measurements and headed back to the hotel.

David was still plugging away at his paper and so I set up my last call for the day.  I had to schedule one for 8 pm because she got off work at 7:30 and wouldn't be at home until 8.  So I scheduled one for 7 and then I had my 8.  I worked on some general maintenance stuff for JP while I waited for David to get some work done on his paper.  He got to a stopping point and we went to lunch.

I have to share this with you because I really like this Chinese place.  One of the first things you know about me is that I LOVE my Chinese.  So I found this Chinese place.  It's called Chinatown and I am officially going to live there forever.  They have amazing food, cooked exactly the way I want it, and they play 80's music!  If anyone wants to throw me a party, throw it there because it is awesome!  And the service, just fantastic!  I loved it.  Now, I don't know about driving an hour to get my favorite Chinese, but while I am here, I am definitely going to be eating there frequently...

Got back from lunch and he worked on his paper some more while I did JP stuff.  My last 2 calls were in Front Royal.  Most of my calls had been in a neighborhood that wasn't the best.  My first call was in this neighborhood.  This client's name was Gwen.  Her driveway was at a 40-degree angle.  She welcomes me in and had a beautiful little home.  We sit down and talk for a bit.  Gwen was laid off and diagnosed with cancer all within one week.  She has been in remission for 3 years now and "thanks the Lord every day for this blessing".  She was definitely one of my favorite clients, she graduated from college at 60 years old, she has 3 certificates, 2 associates, and she only needs one more class to get her third associates.  She also is a substitute teacher, primarily in SPED classes.  As she took me around and showed me her projects, the first project was something I don't know if we can help with.  Poppy will know what I am talking about, but when they were doing this woman's house, they did the drywall and didn't cover up the tape very well.  You're supposed to cover it up with drywall and make it smooth and nice.  They didn't do that at all.  So they painted over it and then did popcorn ceilings.  Time passed and the drywall tape started peeling off and so in different parts of her house, there are pieces of tape falling off.  I am going to have our contractor come and take a look and see if there is anything we can do to help her, but it was just a very poor sign.  Then she took me to her backyard.  Her backyard was also a 40-degree angle.  She wanted us to stain her fence.  Whoever services this woman's house will definitely have fun with that incline!

Mrs. Almeda was my last client.  I had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRIVE to her house!  It was the perfect combination of forest and field and I was visiting her house as the sun was setting.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  She needed some staining done on her front and back porches.  Almeda wasn't much a talker but she was very polite and kind.  She even gave me a water bottle for the road!

One of the things that David brought me was my agenda which he had decorated and put notes in.  A note on Tuesday said, "Tuesdays are going to be one of the hardest days for you because there is only one day standing between you seeing your friends and family."  I think the worst day is going to be on Thursdays.  I will have seen my friends and family and now I have to go back to work.  I love JP and the work I am doing here.  But, I have this ache because I miss you.  I was too busy working on Tuesday to remember that David was coming up on Wednesday.  Now I have to get up and start my day knowing I won't see Mayce and Joy and Mimi and Poppy and my mom and David and Kayleigh and Cameryn and all of my friends.  It is just a new challenge I wasn't really expecting...

I can't definitively give you an address to send things too.  Your best bet at sending me things is by The David Express.  He'll be visiting me with friends and family and lots of other things.  So give care packages and letters to either my family or David and he'll give it to me.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!  I love you all.


Morgan Combs