To Write is To Continue...

Life goes on even while Barbs and Barbules stays still. Writing a post a month is pretty skimpy, if I’m being honest. I rarely am able to find enough time to sleep let alone write. So I as I sit here at a cluttered desk, in a cluttered room, with my cluttered life, I question: When will I write more? When will I become a better writer?

The easy answer is “Well…if the Lord wills it.” I don’t think it’s that easy though. While yes, everything is in the Lord’s will, that doesn’t mean I get to sit here and wait for God to just magically make me a better writer. That’s not how this works. A favorite blogger always says, “Writing is a muscle. If you want to grow it, you have to write.” Maybe I’ve put too much time into saying I don’t have time. I think I have some extra time, I just don’t have the extra processing power. Then we are left with a problem. If I am going to truly pursue writing as a career in any sense, then I need to pull it together, get over my fear of writing, and JUST WRITE.

My friend wrote a couple days ago about how she procrastinated writing some book reviews because she was anxious about pleasing everyone… Thanks Christina for that one. Making sure I write the right things is so important to me for BnB that I have dwindled my dreams of posting every week to “maybe we can post once a month, if I feel up to it?” That’s not how I need to approach this, and further more, that is no way to approach the Lord.

I can’t ignore what the he calls me to do just because I am afraid and can come up with hundreds of excuses. Reading your bible, yup that Controversial Convictions article I’m working on, I am working on tackling that habit. If God really wants us to spend time with him, in Word and in prayer, we need to make sure we actually do those things. While writing isn’t necessarily an easy thing, I pray the Lord will guide me to what I need to write.

I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my life, my faith, and what I was working through. I can’t quit just because I am afraid.

To write is to continue. I am tired of pushing myself back into a corner because of what other people think I should do with my life. Suppressing gifts that God gave me is not how I need to honor him.

While I’ve been studying school, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time studying the bible. This semester, God really took a back seat to my education. Falling into the trap of only listening to what others tell me to do is really easy when you just want the answers. Listening for the Lord is more difficult however.

This summer, I am staying home, watching the kids that I nanny ,and relaxing. I also will be posting more so keep an eye out! You can sign up for my email list by clicking here or by going to the Subscribe tab.