How to Start a New Season

May 8th, 2019. I woke up at 10am, took a shower, got ready, and now it is 11am while I am writing this post. The last couple of days, I have enjoyed reading some old Spurgeon sermons before I go to bed in an effort to try and tame some of the extremely vivid dreams I have been having. Last night’s reading was quite apt.

Charles Spurgeon was giving a sermon on Mark 11:24 and titled his sermon True Prayer True Power. The first several paragraphs he talks about how as Christians we can tend to just pray for no real reason. I had a friend who frequently said the catch phrase, “Stop, Drop, and Pray.” Growing up, I always thought these short pithy phrases were neat. Now, I look and think there could be a lot more in there. Spurgeon’s main points in this sermon are 1.) Look at the text 2.) Look about you and 3.) Look above.

In this passage, he used Mark 11:24 which reads, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Christians are to pray with a purpose. I must say there are times when I do just don’t really know what to say to God because I have been deliberately distant. I’ve been too busy or too tired or too stressed or too whatever. None of those are good reasons to avoid time with the Lord especially since he is the one who gives us peace!

I recently finished a semester in school. I took an entire year off because life was a little too much last year. 2018 was very full, got in a car accident, bought a new car, moved out, changed jobs 3 times, moved in with a host family; it was just a little chaotic. When I started this semester, I was going to be doing school full time and nannying full time… Several people told me over and over again that I was going to burn myself because I legitimately wouldn’t have any down time. I didn’t listen…

Now, I have finished this semester, but I am exhausted. I see how God worked in that time, but I am saddened that I ran away and spent little time with him in the process. So I am writing today’s post on how to start a new season.

You start a new season in prayer. I have some goals for the summer and the top priority is to glorify God. I wish I would have learned this lesson a while back, but here I am. Intentional prayer is important. Deliberate time with the Lord is refreshing and renewing. In a very messy life (and I mean messy in the sense of haven’t done laundry in about 5 weeks), order is needed. There is a reason why the he gave us order and direction and mission and purpose. As I embark on this summer season, I am putting the well-worn truths that I know in my back pocket and picking up some new ones. This summer is about tackling the giants that control me.