June 18th, 2019

I decided one of my summer project would be reading Proverbs and working on writing with the girl I nanny. In school she’d memorize different passages of scripture or poems. Over the summer, I decided to pick a verse out and have her write it throughout the day to work on her writing skills. I also decided to jump on the train and use my right hand to practice… Being a leftie means that I have a universal bond with other lefties, but it also means I have pretty terrible hand writing!

I wanted to memorize attributes of God and then talk with her about them. She’s an extremely bright young lady. She talks a mile a minute, but also is a thinker. One day she had a break down because she felt like she wasn’t close enough to her brother… who it three years old… There’s not much to be close to at that point! Anyways, when she does something wrong she becomes extremely convicted and apologetic; so I wanted to instill in her attributes of God for when she does become feel upset for something she’s done. The first one we did we 2 Samuel 7:22. I liked this one because it also mentions listening. “…According to all that we have heard with our ears.” We know the Lord is God because of what we hear and read in the Bible.