Summer Time 2019

Procrastination seems to be one of the biggest motivators. In an effort to procrastinate doing some Art History homework, I did some planning for BnB this summer! My goal is to make sure that Barbs and Barbules a priority and to continue writing. I would love for this to turn into something like Challies or Desiring God, I know that’s a huge dream… My dream is to turn writing into a career of some kind.

So we’ll start with some basic things that I know most, if not all blogs have or do, themed posts! I’ll be posting three times a week with a topical related post.

“Realistically Morgan” is going to be an update post. I know “authenticity” is a regular bragging point for bloggers, writers, instagramers, etc today. I don’t like the fake authenticity though. I learned a long time ago, that hiding pieces of yourself means they fester. I wish I would have come to that realization sooner, but the Lord works in ways that glorify him. “Realistically Morgan” will be an explanation of where I am physically, emotionally, spiritually, and most of all realistically.

Yes… I’m jumping on the train of recommendations too. Time and time again, writers would say “Never stop reading. Never stop writing.” In an effort to fulfill both of these suggestions, I am going to recommend various articles, podcasts, and videos that I’ve read, listened, and seen throughout the week.

My final weekly post will be a theological topic. It’ll be a post on theological vocabulary or something off my list of further research topics. I actually have a lot on this list, primarily because of the Controversial Convictions series has led me to A LOT of topics and things I never knew about.

And the final update I will share, is that the Controversial Convictions series will be released once a month. I only say once a month because there is a lot involved in some of the topics I’m going to cover and I want to make sure I have prayerfully considered and researched each piece.

Stay tuned because the summer time schedule will start this week, June 3rd!