July 3rd, 2019

Vacation and basic adulting today. This week the children that I nanny for are on vacation and I am on my own vacation also. A close friend asks me to watch her dogs and house a couple times a year, the timing lined up perfectly this year when my host family was going to be out of town. So I’m just cruisin’ smells! (Check out this video to get this joke…)

The inconsistency on BnB has mainly been due to my computer going haywire. A couple weeks back, my screen had some pixels that were dancing around the screen. About two weeks went by and David said he’d take a look at it soon, then the whole display went black. He’d been busy with work, so I was computerless for a couple of days. Definitely not the best week.

As for my art class, I’m behind right now. I was really hoping this week would give me a chance to catch up. However, there’s been more hiccups. My plan for vacation was to relax, read, write, nap, and spend one day doing administrative things I needed to catch up on. I packed everything I needed. Except I didn’t. I started my vacation on Saturday and I have driven back home every day except today! Yes, home is technically close by so it’s not the end of the world, it’s just 3 hours of my vacation I don’t have back.

It also was supposed to rain more… There was a random 10 minute storm last night. The best part of storms is that you get to sit and watch the rain, hear the thunder, feel the rumbling. I love sitting in the rain. Feeling the droplets trickle down my face. A different sort of poetic. I think I like it most because the world around me feels like my insides. Maybe I’ll talk more about this on another day…